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  • I was very pleased to be able to jointly provide a Tranformational Leadership Development program, for a group of top managers from Malaysian Government Ministry.

    Dr. Michel Gagne - Principal: Coach Asia
  • I feel privileged to receive the award of "Principal Fellow", when my consultancy in Malaysia became an approved Centre, by Cambridge Global Learning. I have been able to provide a Leadership Development Program (LDP) for seior executives, who all received the award "Associate Fellow."

    Dr. Navaneetha - DCW Worldwide Co. Ltd.
  • I was impressed to discover i could use my work experience and qualification to earn an "Associate Fellowship." This has raised my professional status as a lecturer at a local university in Zambia.

    Mr. Mulinda - Lecturer

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We provide products and services in Profiling, Career and Competency Development, Training and Talent Management: vital aspects of Human Resource Development and Human Capital Management.